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Tourist Attractions in Nam Dinh

Tourist Attractions in Nam Dinh


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Nam Dinh - General Information
Area: 1,650.8 sq. km.
Population: 1,974.3 thousand habitants (2006)
Capital: Nam Dinh City.

Co Le Pagoda
HTML clipboardLocation: Located in Co Le Townlet, Truc Ninh District, Nam Dinh Province.
Characteristics: It is said that Co Le Pagoda was built by Buddhist Monk Nguyen Minh Khong during the Ly dynasty.

Pho Minh Pagoda
HTML clipboardLocation: Located in Tuc Mac Hamlet, Loc Vuong Commune, Nam Dinh City, far from Hanoi about 9km and 3km north of Nam Dinh City.
Characteristics: The pagoda was originally built during the Ly Dynasty and later expanded in 1262 during the Tran Dynasty. It was a place for high-ranking mandarins and the aristocracy of the Tran Royal Court to worship and lead their religious life.

Xuan Thuy National Park
HTML clipboardBeing the home to many important species, Xuan Thuy National Park plays an important role in preserving ecological system and developing eco-tourism of the Red River Delta.

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