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Tourist Attractions in Tuyen Quang

Tourist Attractions in Tuyen Quang


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Tuyen Quang - General Information
Area: 5,870.4 sq. km.
Population: 732.3 thousand habitants (2006)
Capital: Tuyen Quang Town.

Thac Mo (Dream Waterfall)
HTML clipboardLocation: Thac Mo (Dream Waterfall) is located amid the Na Hang Natural Reserve (Na Hang District), 100km of Tuyen Quang Town.
Characteristics: Thac Mo is a wonderful ecological tourist attraction of Tuyen Quang Province, which is welcoming those who like adventures.

Tan Trao Historical Site
HTML clipboardLocation: Tan Trao is a small valley lying between mountains and jungles in Son Duong District, 40 km from Tuyen Quang Town and 200km from Hanoi.
Characteristics: Tan Trao is a historical area - a resistance base before the August 1945 Revolution.

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