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Tourist Attractions in Nghe An

Tourist Attractions in Nghe An


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Cua Lo Beach
HTML clipboardLocation: Cua Lo Beach is situated in Cua Lo Town, Nghe An Province.
Characteristics: Cua Lo Beach is one of the nicest beaches in North Vietnam with its white sand and clear blue water.

Cuong Temple
HTML clipboardLocation: Cuong Temple is situated on Mo Da Mountain, Dien An Village, Dien Trung Commune, Dien Chau District, Nghe An Province; near National Highway 1; 30km north of Vinh City.
Characteristics: The temple was built to worship Thuc An Duong Vuong.

Tomb of Mrs Hoang Thi Loan
HTML clipboardLocation: Tomb of Mrs. Hoang Thi Loan is located on Mount Dong Tranh, Nam Dan District, Nghe An Province.
Characteristics: The tomb was built in 1985, on the occasion of President Ho Chi Minh’s 95th birthday anniversary.

Nghe An - General Information
HTML clipboardArea: 16,498.5 sq. km.
Population: 3,064.3 thousand habitants (2006)
Capital: Vinh City

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