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Ratanak Kiri - General Information
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Province: Ratanak Kiri

Area: 10,782sq km
Population: 111,403

Beung Yeak Loam Resort
HTML clipboardName: Beung Yeak Loam Resort
Location: Is the natural lake, which locates in the middle of the mountain in Yeak Loam Commune, Ban Lung District in five-kilometer distance from the Ban Lung town

Cha Ong Waterfall
HTML clipboardName: Cha Ong Waterfall
Location: Locates at the middle of forest in Cha Ong village, Ou Chum District in approximate two-kilometer distance from the Ban Lung town by the National Road No.19 (Ban lung-Steung Treng), then turning right by a trail about six Kilometers.

Ka Chanh Waterfall
HTML clipboardName: Ka Chanh Waterfall
Location: Locates at Ka Chanh Commune, Ban Lung District in six-kilometer Distance from the Ban Lung town

Ka Tieng Waterfall
HTML clipboardName: Ka Tieng Waterfall
Location: Locates at Lbang I Commune, Lum Phat District in seven-kilometer distance from the Ban Lung town, and below Ka Chanh waterfall about three Kilometers.

Lumkut Lake
HTML clipboardName: Lumkut Lake
How to go: 53 km (2h) From Provincial Town.

HTML clipboardName: O`Chaloy
How to go: 34 km (1h:10mn) From Provincial Town.

Phnom Ey Sey Pak Ta Mak
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Name: Phnom Ey Sey Pak Ta Mak

Description: Locates at two-kilometer distance, West of Ban Lung town. at the eastern mountain foot, there is a pagoda named Ey San Ratanak Ream where worshipped by Buddhists who live at Ban Lung town.

Rum Blong Terrace
HTML clipboardName: Rum Blong Terrace
Description: Is the long-plain and rocky terrace surrounded with forest full of big trees, and locates at Ou Chum Commune, Ou Chum District, Rotanakiri province.

Virakchey National Park
HTML clipboardName: Virakchey National Park
How to go: 60 km (2h) From Provincial Town.

Wildlife Sanctuary
HTML clipboardName: Wildlife Sanctuary
How to go: 40 km (1h:20mn) From Provincial Town.

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