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Group Of Angkor Touch Temple

Group Of Angkor Touch Temple


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Name: Group Of Angkor Touch Temple
Location: Located at Siem Reap District, North of the provincial town of Siem Reap in seven-kilometer distance from the provincial town by Ko May Road or Charles De Gaulle Road
Description: Group of small-circle temples consists of Angkor Touch (Angkor Wat) which has 65-meter height, 200-hectar land area and surface of the temple 1,500 Meters X 1,300 Meter, was built at the beginning of 12th century during the reign of the king Sorayak Varman II (1,113-1,152) dedicated to Preah Vi Snouk who then was named Preah Bo Me Vi Snouk Lok right after he died, Bak Kheng temple which has 45-meter height and 109 peaks located on the top of 65-meter height mountain of Bak Kheng where tourists usually climb up to get fresh air and take picture of sun set in the afternoon, Prum Kril temple; Bay Kho Ek temple or temple; Bak Sey Cham Krong temple and many other small temples.

Source:  Ministry of Tourism of the Kingdom of Cambodia

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