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Laos's Festivals and events

Laos's Festivals and events


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The Laotians celebrate a lot of events. The majority of their events are related to the Buddhist festivities and agricultural bonanza. Processions accompanied by music and dancing go along with a variety display of fireworks on the roads can be witnessed during the festivals.
The events of Laos are as follows:

* February: Vietnamese Tet and Chinese New Year.
* Magha Puja also known as Makkha Bu Saa or full moon: This celebrates the speech of Buddha to enlightened monks. Chanting and offerings mark this festival.
* March: Boun Khoun Khao, a local harvest festival.
* April: Pi Mai, lunar year, when houses are cleaned and people put on new dresses and wash Buddha images. Other than fruit and flower offerings, the main attraction includes elephant processions.
* May: Vishakha Puja celebrates the birth, enlightenment and death of Buddha.
* June -July: Khao Phansaa
* August: Haw Khao Padap Din, a festival where living pay respect to the dead.
* September: Boun Phansaa, faithful people pay homage to the temples.
* October: Bun Nam, water festival. Boat races are commonly held. Decorated rafts and boats wade through the water.
* December: Lao National day, celebrate the victory of Proletariate over Monarchy.

Source: Laos National Tourism Administration

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