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In June 2009, through a intensive training course and being strictly audited, was selected by CBI to take part in Export Coaching Program Tourism 2008-2014 (ECP)

An ECP helps us to:
- Adapt our company and products to EU market requirements and standards;
- Become familiar with EU markets and business practice;
- Develop an export marketing strategy;
- Export to the EU market;
- Consolidate our export position in the EU.


The ECP’s are targeted at companies in developing countries that have the capacity (or potential) to export to the EU.
A company that complies to the following criteria can apply for an ECP:
- At least 51% locally owned, or (co-) owners who reside in another developing country (excluding developing countries characterized as UMIC or higher*);
- 25 to 500 employees;
- No joint venture with a company based in a country with a classification of UMIC or higher;
- Compliance or the willingness to comply with EU market requirements;
- No licensing commitments that prohibit or limit export possibilities of products to the EU
- Competitive prices and sufficient production capacity;
- A management which is able to communicate in English;
- The willingness and capacity to invest in adaptations of, for instance, product assortment and production processes, if and as required by the European market.


Wolfgang Coym and Do Manh Duc (left), Do Son Ha (right)


Tuan Linh Travel and CBI's tourism training course in Hanoi, Vietnam

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